Everyone loves to have a pristine iphone, even its been a few months from the purchase. Best way to keep it spotless and protected is using a quality case spending a couple of dollars. If you are looking for an iphone 8 plus case, trust me you are at the right place for that. Here are a summary and a comparison of a few iphone 8 plus cases, which might be helpful for you before buying a new one.

What is the most crucial function you expect from a phone case? No doubt, safety first! Then comes the fashion or trendy colors. But imagine if you could find a phone case with a unique stylish look and super protection? Let us start with the best one which has triple-layer construction guards.

  1. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iphone 8 Plus

As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the best cases in the market, if you are an adventurous soul who loves the outdoors. The three ultra-tough layers of this case are specially designed for better protection from dirt, dust, and severe drops. Compared to other phone cases in the market, it is much more advanced with the Polycarbonate holster and a built-in screen protector. The holster can be used as a handsfree kickstand. What can you ask for a better movie viewing from a phone case?

With a rugged version of the defender serious iphone 8 plus case, they have solids and patterns in various colors. So why not go for a legendary phone case with an OtterBox limited lifetime warranty? Of course, you can thank us later!

2. OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iphone 8 Plus

This is also another great piece from OtterBox, which has a dual material construction to absorb shocks with excellent protection. If you are looking for a trendy, yet protective phone case, this is it! The sleek style of this case will add more joy to your life, giving more pocket-friendly iphone. It has a screen bumper raised in the edges to keep your phone safe from the drops.

The Symmetry Series has introduced with patterns and various colors to select from, definitely gives a stylish look with seamless style. OtterBox has a limited lifetime warranty for this as well, makes life easier isn’t it?

3. Apple Leather Case for iphone 8 Plus  – Black

Black is not a sad color anymore! It is just a mysterious color with emotions, remember why “a little black dress” is famous! There is a vast range of phone cases in black, but this is the best case you can find in the market. This leather case has been crafted and tanned especially with high-quality European leather. It just not looks good, but soft to touch and keep the shiny surface over time. In many other leather cases, you will not find a microfiber lining like in this case. It helps to keep the phone free from any dings or scrapes.

Also, they concern about the look while keeping the protection, so the metallic button covers will give a superior finishing to your phone case. After using for a few months, you can still keep the pristine look of your phone if you get the right protection case. This is indeed a high-quality case for a very affordable price. 

Apple Leather Case Black

4. Apple Leather Case for iphone 8 Plus – Saddle Brown

Saddle brown is another great color for a leather phone case. With the real color and sleek finishing, it gives protection with style. That’s what you need for your phone, isn’t it? For the extra safety of the phone, it has a layer of microfiber lining inside the case. The high-quality European leather is specially tanned to keep the patina for a long time. So it is going to be very durable protection for your phone. Not like other leather cases in the market, you can keep this all the time. Even if you are using wireless charging, this supports that as well.

Also, it gives an excellent grip without adding a bulky look, easy to handle in day to day activities. So it is the best for those impressive naked apple devices which is hard to keep any clothing on them. This supple and soft minimal design with metallic button covers keeps your phone safe as a tremendous unobtrusive cover.

Apple Leather Case – Saddle Brown

5. Case-Mate iphone 8 Plus Case

This is the most vibrant phone case that you will ever come across! In the “NAKED TOUGH” collection, your phone is going to be the talk of the town. Great iridescent colors are the best feature of this case, which makes it a unique fashion icon. This case is made with UV yellowing resistant materials, also gives an excellent grip for the hand. You may find a lot of fancy cases in the market, yet this is the best option for a fashionable phone case with ultra protection. This case has passed the relevant drop tests to obtain the military strength impact protection, so no doubt about the safety of the phone. 

The separate rubber bumper that goes inside the hard part of the case makes it a bit thick, but not bulky. So easy to pull out from a pocket, gives the best look with sleek silhouette colors. For a little extra care, it has sufficient corner protection which will save the phone from the drops on face down. This case also supports wireless charging. It is easier to use as you don’t have to be worried about removing the case every time you charge. You get a lifetime warranty from the Case-Mate for this case, so why not try to make your life more stylish with this?

These are our top picks and recommended products for the iphone 8 Plus cases in the market. As your lifestyle, whether it is going to be a rough adventurous one or a fancy relaxing one, choose it wisely!  Because an excellent phone case signifies your personage, emphasizes your appearance, and – most importantly – shields your Apple iphone. 

Are you ready for an upgrade now?