Do you own a cracked iPhone 6 and hesitant to change the screen by yourself? Well, it is not that hard to do it by yourself. However, once you are out of the warranty period, it is very affordable to buy an iphone6 screen replacement.  Also, it is a simple job to get this done with the right tools and a suitable replacement product. Since there are many options in the market, we thought of finding the best pick for you. What we found is one of the most affordable iphone6 screen replacements in the market with a 6-month warranty for non-human damages. Also if you are not happy with the product, they have a 30-day unconditional return policy as well. Let’s us talk about are the unique features of this fantastic screen replacement.

Screen Replacement for iPhone 6 (White 4.7 Inch LCD Display Full Assembly Touch Digitizer )

Screen Replacement Kit for iPhone 6

When you purchase a screen replacement, it is cost-effective to check the quality of the product. Also the benefits you get along the replacement as well. This package includes a complete set of the screen replacement with the proximity sensor, front camera, earpiece, and home button as well. As a bonus, you get a brand new high-quality screen protector for each purchase. 

Get the best iPhone 6 screen replacement kit

Usually, the touch ID only works with the initial home button as a security feature. However, as you get a toolset with this product, it is easy to change the home button. All you have to do is taking the home button off from the new screen and replace the original button from the cracked screen. There are a bunch of tutorials on youtube to follow if you want to get more guidance. These screen Replacement for iPhone 6 are being tested twice before the shipping for a better experience. Since then, you have to be careful with the installation as there is no guarantee from the seller for the improper installations. 

How to install your new iPhone 6 screen replacement properly?

Iphone 6 Screen Replacement kit

If we go a bit deeper in the installation process, it is an easy job if you do many. If you have poor eyesight, better ask someone else to help you in this as there are some tiny screws to deal with patiency. Once you crack open the screen of your phone, carefully swap with the replacement. Make sure that you tighten all the screws that you have opened in the metal plate. If those screws are too loose, there is a high chance to get a wonky screen and home button.  The whole process will take less than half an hour, do you think you can run into a repair shop within that time? Also, it is much more cost-effective than visiting a repair shop. Once installed, long press an application and drag it over to check the sensitivity of the screen. You will get the best iPhone6 screen replacement done with the same quality of the initial screen. No dead pixels, original colors with the same sensitivity, and you can thank us later!

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